07. - 08.04.2015



Shanghai Tuesday April, 7th 2015


Another grey day unfortunately but we had a very good time in Xi’an anyway. After breakfast we all checked out and left by bus to Xi’an Airport – Off to Shanghai! The group was really excited to be travelling to a bigger, more modern city.


The Longemont, View from 43nd floor

The Longemont, View from 43nd floor

A very smooth flight again… Bets were made at the airport already what kind of Chinese food would be served again on the flight and well, we do not know but it was not that bad. There was a travel agent at the gate to welcome us in Shanghai. A bus was organized to take us to the Longemont Hotel which is very centrally located, close to a metro station with an absolute stunning view of Shanghai (floor 43 ;-)).


The rooms are just incredibly furnished and very modern. After so much rain in Xi’an we eventually caught some patches of sun finally.

The Longemont, View from 43nd floor

Living M&.M


In the evening we had some free time and although it was raining again, all groups took the opportunity to do some sightseeing or some shopping at the “original brand markets” ;-) We also went to the Nanjing Road and stopped first at an impressive M&M store with “living” M&M’s.



Pineappel with rice and seafood



For dinner our group preferred a Thai restaurant in a big food hall. We tried different things like pineapple filled with rice and seafood, the traditional Thai Curry and much more.








The Bund was THE place to go at night. The view of the Shanghai skyline from this platform was amazing.


Pudong, View from The Bund

Jasmin quiding


Special thanks to Jasmin who guided us so well and safely through the city. Back through the Nanjing Road (famous shopping road) to People Square and from there back to the hotel by metro – what an adventure.



Shanghai Wednesday April, 8th 2015


In the morning of our first day in Shanghai the weather looked much better than the day before – so after waking up we enjoyed a wonderful view over this impressive city. The sun was shining a little bit and it was warmer than the last days.


We started the day with a great breakfast in the Longmont Hotel. It was a huge buffet with everything you want. Than we took the bus to go to Evonik. Everyone was excited to see the company, because it’s also a big and important employer in Darmstadt. Our guide at Evonik was called Oliver. He did his MBA at h_da and was in China a few years ago with Prof. Schellhase and works in Shanghai now.


Group Picture


He took us to a meeting room and a Chinese colleague presented some interesting slides about the company and its strategy.


Evonik Industries, Presentation

Evonik Industries, Presentation


After this they walked with us through the showroom which was next to the meeting room. Most of us weren’t aware of their product portfolio, it was impressive. Some of them you can see on the pictures. It was very surprising to see how many products are made with Evonik ingredients.

Evonik Industries, Showroom


Then we were split into two groups to take a look at the Plexiglas production. It was an interesting visit with many impressions.


Laboratory, Testing Plexiglas

Transrapid - Station


Later the bus took us to the Transrapid station, where we had the chance to ride on the “Malev” or could spent our lunch break in the mall nearby. We took this chance and drove to the airport and back – it only took about 20 minutes and it was funny to see how the train speeds up to 300 km/h , but the ride itself was very smooth due to the magnetic system.


Transrapid "Speeddating at 301 km/h"




Mr. and Mrs. Schellhase, Malev

















German Centre Shanghai, Presentation

After our break we drove to the German Center. We were a little bit too early, but this was our luck! We heard a powerful and stunning (spontaneous!) speech from Christian Sommer, CEO of the German Center. He showed us in a simple but very catching way how China developed itself into such a fascinating country and also how it will develop its economy in the next years. The visit to the German center was one of our highlights during our stay in Shanghai.



German Centre, Hall

G-erman Centre














German Centre, Customers


German Centre, Customers













Snakehead with sauerkraut

In the evening we went once more to the Nanjing Road to look for something to eat - in a little street we found a tiny Chinese restaurant (picture). The dinner was very delicious and indeed very cheap for the big plates we got – however, nobody was brave enough to try the special -  snake with Sauerkraut!!!!