Xi` an

05. - 06.04.2015


Xi`an Easter-Sunday April, 5th 2015



On April 5th, we went to visit the terra cotta army in Xi`an, the Shaanxi province in northwest China. The rain of the previous day almost stopped and our tour guide explained us historical details during the bus tour and our stay. We learned that the terra cotta army was found by accident in 1974. Five farmers were seeking for a source of water and found instead fragments of a clay figure. By chance, an archaeologist heard of it and initiated one of the greatest archeological discoveries of modern times. 


Terracotta Warriors

All fragments (e.g. warriors and horses) which have been found until now are grave goods that honor Qin Shi Huang who is the first Emperor of all Chinese. Each of the found warriors has own unique features and is a copy of a real warrior who lived and served in the Emperor’s elite troop. All finds could be marveled at the halls on site.



It is amazing how huge the area is, especially if you consider that not even a third of the grave goods are secured yet. Awesome!


Terracotta Cavalry


The fortifications of Xi´an, an ancient capital of China, represent one of the oldest and best preserved Chinese city walls. Construction of the first city wall of Chang´an began in 194 BCE and lasted for four years. That wall measured 13.74 kilometres in length, 12–16 metres in thickness at the base. The area within the wall was roughly 36 square kilometres and in the middle of this area you can see the „Bell- Tower". We went on the wall and some of us cycled the hole 13 km around the wall in less then 1 hour.


City Wall




Ancient and today



Growing City


Pagoda, Eastern Gate


Ride a Tandem

"The Wall"

































In the evening we enjoy the Tang Dynasty Dinner & Show. First of all we tried the traditional „Hot Pot“ dinner it was an exciting and specific dinner you can compare it with the European known „Fondue".


Impressions Dinner Hot Pot:




Help yourself

Chopstick, Best Practice

Roundtable - Meeting I


Roundtable - Meeting III

Roundtable - Meeting II

Very tasty!























Seafood, mmmhhh...















 After then we saw an impressive show, which consists old traditional Chinese dances and sounds. This show mediated the luxurious life of the Tang Dynasty.


Show Tang - Dynasty

Show Tang - Dynasty

Show Tang - Dynasty

Show Tang - Dynasty






Xi`an Monday April, 6th 2015


Xi'an International Trade &. Logistics Park is an industrial park located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. The park was founded in 2008 to create a transport hub in the middle of China. The industrial park is still growing and has large open spaces. In the industrial park we have seen a showroom which introduced to us the Internet of the things furthermore we have seen the free trade zone.


Xi`an, Trade &. Logistic Park

Prof. Dr. Zhang, Informations about Bond - Zone Xi`an



Xi`an Tuesday April, 5th 2015


In the afternoon we visited the Muslim market. There was a big crowd of people. It was very loud, colourful and it smelled everywhere of delicious food. If you want to eat very traditional food this would be the right place.


All you can eat ...


Seafood - Sticks

Sticks, nothing else





















After the market we went to the Xi`an University of Posts and Telecommunications. Then the vice president held a presentation about China’s history and culture. After this presentation we went back to our hotel and in the evening we had leisure time.

Campus University of Posts and Telecommunication (UPT)

Campus UPT

Campus UPT

Central Building UPT

Presentation Financial Markets

Presentation Chinese Culture

Thanks by Prof. Dr. Schellhase "Lindt Easter Rabbit"