The Other side of hong kong

14. - 18.04.2015



Tuesday April, 14th to Saturday April, 18th 2015


The Other Side of Hong Kong


After we said goodbye to the rest of our group we started our adventure to explore the other side of Hong Kong. Thanks to Connie and Wilson, we found the right train to get to our bus station: destination Aberdeen, Hong Kong. Our tour through Thea Green Island was not as long as expected and after a 30 minutes ride we arrived in a little village with a small harbor near the sea. The atmosphere was less chaotic and more relaxed than in Hong Kong City. People, who are living there are very friendly and willing to help with any questions.


The first evening we explored the village and had a great local dinner. The next morning we got up early to drive to Stanley, a city which was about 50 minutes away from Aberdeen and recommended in every tour guide. The city itself has a very British feel but is more than beautiful. There was a little market, a small beach, a mall and some restaurants. The view over the sea was amazing and there were thousands of places to sit and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. Stanley is a “must see” when you are in Hong Kong!


Next day we rode the ferry to Lama Island to have a day at the beach. It is a car-free island with only a few streets and small markets. On the ferry we met Michael and his lovely wife, they are also from Germany. They showed us the way from the harbor to the beautiful beach. The beach is very unknown, so we were almost alone there.


Friday we spent our last day again in the district of Kowloon, where we met Connie for lunch at a local restaurant. It was delicious although not very typical Chinese as we ate eggs with white bread and had a milk pudding as a starter.


Kim, Connie & Michaela 



Sea and nature in Stanley 

Harbour in Aberdeen


Michael and his wife