East Asia 2019

China is becoming the leading head of global players. There will be no doubt. But surrounding states and areas are developing as well, even faster. Especially in digital technology South Korea becomes more and more state of the art. To widen students view on cultural, social and economical stengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, to "SWOT" with European standards, the DBS created an impressive tour, visiting:


- Shanghai (March, 24th - 28th)

- Taipei (March, 28th - 31st)

- Seoul (March, 31st - April, 2nd).


On this trip and for the first time, part time students on IBWL Bc. and Ma. were acompanied by a group of undergraduates, heading for Logistic Managment Bc. full time.


Klick through our impressions, get an idea of what is going on, coming soon, will determine future and affect our lives.  In case you get pensive or serious by looking at all these innovations - this could be our goal.


The picture below shows the eyewitnesses.


Richard Bopp


It`s us at LOTTE Tower, Seoul
It`s us at LOTTE Tower, Seoul

Day 1 and 2

Frankfurt - Shanghai

23. - 24.03.2019

Day 3 and 4


25. - 26.03.2019

Day 5 and 6

Shanghai - Taipei

27. - 28.03.2019

Day 7 and 8


29. - 30.03.2019

Day 9 and 10

Taipei - Seoul

31.03. - 01.04.2019

Day 11 and 12

Seoul - Frankfurt

02. - 03.04.2019