Xi` An

21. - 22.03.2016

Xi `an, Monday March 21st, 2016


Terracotta Army Hall One


Terracotta Army















On our second day in Xi’an, on March 21st, we visited the great Terracotta Army. In 1974 farmers found some shards for the first time, while digging in a pit. The army was once formed to protect the first Kaiser of China, Qin Shi Huangdi, from the realm of the dead. Meanwhile, there are four pits with at least 7,000 restored fighters and horses. It was very impressive to see all those figures with individual faces, positions and characteristics.


We had lunch at the local museum restaurant, they prepared tatsy handmade noodles and we had some typical Chinese food before we continued our day and went on a two hours bus tour to our partner university in Xi’an XUPT.




Lunch at Terracotta Museum


In the afternoon, we had a very warm welcome at the Xi ́an University of Posts and Telecommunication. The Vice - President gave a speech and wished us a pleasant and interesting trip in China.



Welcome address on screen for us


Also, we heard a very interesting lecture from Prof. Dr. Cheng Hongping. He introduced us to some specifics of Chinese culture, such as the history of the dynasties but also told us a lot about typical Chinese food.



Prof. Dr. Zhang Li our host at Xi`an

Afterwards, some of the students we already got to know on the day of our arrival, gave us a campus tour and showed us the place, where they study. Lots of the students at that university also live on campus, as the traffic in Xi’an is very intense and takes lots of time. Compared to the campus of the HDA in Darmstadt, the campus seemed really huge to all of us.




Three of our Chinese colleagues taking care of us for three days (and nights), thanks.


In the evening we had dinner with some students and professors of Xi’an University at a Chinese restaurant in the city. We sat down at round tables, which are typical for China and had some really good talks and conversations.



Traditional Hot Pot



All you can eat …



.... so we diiiiiiiiiiid!


Illuminated Temple at Xi`an







Xi`an, Tuesday March 22nd, 2016



Visitors Centre, Xi`an Trade and Logistic Park


On Tuesday, the 22nd March, we first had a visit to the Xi’an International Trade and Logistic Park. This park is really huge, and built up like an independent city for international trade. It was founded in 2008 and is subsidised from the Chinese government. The park is not finished yet, and built with a huge container port and lots of international companies. We saw a movie about the development of the park and the future activities, to keep it constantly growing, which was very impressive. It will become China`s gateway for the new silk road, which is planned by Chinese government.





Xi`an International Trade and Logistics Park


Xi`an International Trade and Logistics Park



In the afternoon, we went to BYD, one of the biggest car producers in China, which was formed in 2003 with 60,000 employees. We were separated into two e-busses and were driven through the production halls.


Build Your Dreams

Production Hall at BYD


We had a very interesting insight into the way of working and production of the company`s cars, which are very successful in China.


In the evening we had dinner with some students and their professors of Xi’an University at our hotel. We sat down at round tables, which are typical for China and had some really good talks and conversations with the students. It was really interesting hearing about their lives at university, which is quite different compared to our way of studying.


Traditional Chinese Chicken


All students mixed up!


It was a very funny evening, with lots of good singers, dancers and very surprising, funny and nice performances (especially from our professors :-)).



房璐(fang lu) “Frederike”

Frederike, one of our guiding students started it all by at first giving a warm address in perfect German, then singing a Chinese Folk song for us. What was suppost to be an official invitation by universities ended up in a sensational party with lots of fun.



h_da Ballet - Superstars


Encore, encore ...




h_da-Beatles Revival